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We're on YouTube! Just open your YouTube account and Search for Two Sheds Jackson Seattle !!

For recent videos of the band recorded at The Highway Ninety-Nine Blues Club, follow the links below. there are four songs posted for your viewing (and listening) pleasure! The band features Charlie Morgan - guitar - (to your left), Steve Boyce - bass - (center stage), Danny Hoefer - guitar - (to your right), and Rick Bourgoin on drums! Enjoy!

Tore Down - Vocals by Steve Boyce

Congo Square - Vocals by Charlie Morgan

Shakey Ground - Vocals by Steve Boyce

I Shot The Sheriff - Vocals by Steve Boyce

We're on on Facebook! Just open your Facebook account and Search for Two Sheds Jackson or click on the links below!

Wonder where we got those great sounds on our demo CD? Recorded live at the Blue Ewe Studios on Whidbey Island, the demo was masterfully mixed by Dave Malony, drummer for Two Sheds Jackson. We kept it real, with no overdubs or recording gimmicks. What you hear on the demo is an accurate representation of our sound. Next time you're looking to cut a tune or two, contact Dave at the link below!

When you go to a gig to hear Two Sheds Jackson, you'll notice that (in most venues) the band has elected to bring in their own sound system. We're not always able to do this, but it is our preference. Two Sheds uses the services of Lynnwood, WA's Morgan Sound to supply all the necessary audio gear for any size venue. Morgan Sound supplies JBL VRX speaker systems, Crown power amplifiers and Yamaha digital mixing consoles (two of them - one for FOH and one for the monitor rig) to make sure we get the best possible audio for our audiences. To keep the stage level clean we use Sennheiser in-ear monitors and Ultimate Ears. It's a win-win. We hear everything and you don't get the heavy monitor splash off the stage. We think it makes a difference for everyone! If you need audio gear, and if you want to do it the way Two Sheds does it, contact the people at Morgan Sound!

We are fortunate to have the services of Richard McNamee as our official photographer. Richard has been a friend for many years now, and some of us have had the privilege of playing in bands with Richard. He does have a collection of guitars that would interest anyone! Now Richard divides his time between his ranch and his photography business. You can find excellent examples of his work as an Industrial photographer and an Entertainment photographer and more at